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 A Suite of Oak Openings Preserve Experiences

        for Brass Quintet & Piano

I.  The Dunes - A cool misty autumn morning, perfect for a run.  Trees tower all around, and soon give way to the open expanse of the dunes.  Back into the woods, ending with pounding heartbeat and heavy yet exhilarated breathing.

II.  Stargazing - Warm summer evening pulled to the side of Girdham Road.  Struck by the quiet, and captivated by the twinkling of millions of stars.  Staring into the night sky, finding the constellations.  Only when leaving do you notice the "quiet" was really the many sounds of the night.

III.  The Storm - Walking through the storm torn areas, formerly wooded.  Imagining what that night must have been like while surveying the aftermath.

IV.  Winter - Fozen lake, light snowfall, with only the gentle breeze breaking the silence.




                                              commissioned by the Tower Brass Quintet, 2014 

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